PlusID® Connect

PlusID Connect is the fastest, easiest and safest way to register or login into any application. You control your data in the PlusID dashboard and choose what data will be shared during the registration. Easy and transparent!

Process is safe and simple

The PlusID Connect login and registration works the same way as traditional login buttons, such as Google and Facebook login. However, PlusID provides added benefits in terms of security, transparency and trust. You choose what data to share, with whom and when. You own the data and you control your data.

PlusID will never share your data to external parties without your consent!

Step 1
Click the PlusID button to start the registration.
Step 2
Confirm the information you want to share.
Step 3
Enter your secret and personal PIN code.
Step 4
Done - Registration is complete!


How to start?

Register an account

Add your mobile phone, choose password and define your secret PIN code

Verify your identity


Learn how you can manage your personal data with PLUSID.