PlusID® Data

PlusID Data allows you easily manage your personal data, store it safely and choose when and with whom you want to share it with? Track data sharing, manage data sharing permissions, and verify multiple types of data in one easy-to-use PlusID dashboard.

Safeguard your data

Stay in control of what data to share, with whom and when. You choose what data to share, with whom and when. You own the data.

PlusID will never share your data to external parties without your consent!

PlusID® Authorization*

PlusID Authorizations can be used to authorize other person to interact and/or represent on behalf of you and with the scope you have defined. 

This will also allow you to share for instance your wallet with the person you trust.

Examples of this use are: authorization of under-age kid to use certain services or to use wallet with a defined limit e.g. for buying bus tickets.

(*) The feature is under development and will be announced later.

What data?

And many more ...

How data verification works?

1. Input Data

Enter and fill-in the data you want to store and verify securely in PlusID.

2. Request Verification

Authorize and request PlusID to verify your data. Easy, quick and safe.

3. Verify Data

Data is verified automatically by the PlusID service using verified partners.

4. Share Data

Verified data is available for sharing – you decide what to share.

How to start?

Register an account

Add your mobile phone, choose password and define your secret PIN code

Verify your identity


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