How it works?

With your PlusID you can easily manage all your personal data and your online identity. The data is safe and you control your PlusID data. The interaction between PlusID users is transparent and trustworthy – a trusted PlusID community.

Connect to applications, manage your data and control the data sharing, pay and receive bonuses, etc.

PlusID Connect

Connect your PlusID with any online application for quick and easy login and registration.

PlusID Data

Manage, store and share your data - you choose what to share, when and with whom. Safe and transparent!

PlusID Invoicing

Buy now, pay later. Collect your online and application purchases into one invoice and with flexible payment terms.

PlusID Pay

Use your wallet to pay with any service provider, safely, with multiple payment options. Receive bonuses and cashback!

How to get started?

01 Register an account

Register your account here. The registration starts with a mobile phone number verification.

02 Add your data

Choose your PlusID password, and your personal and unique secret PIN code.

03 Verify identity

Finalize the registration by verifying your identity with passport, ID-card or with other supported methods.

04 Connect. Share. Pay.

Done! Enjoy your safe new PlusID account ready to use with over 430 Million trusted people in Europe.

05 Maintain your data

Refine and maintain your data. Add new data such as address details and student information, passport and bank details, WhatsApp number, etc. The more you verify your data, the easier and transparent it is to share and control the data sharing. For you, more convenience, more trust and more benefits with potential discounts with our service providers.

Creating and using the PlusID account is free!* Use the service you want and stay in control of your data. You own your data. Be part of the trusted PlusID community and interact with the trusted service providers.

(*) Please read our terms and conditions and potential market specific changes to the services available and pricing.


Learn how you can quickly connect your PlusID account with any online application. Connect!