A complete service platform for trust-based multi-channel digital transactions.

PlusID is a platform that allows businesses to receive payments cost-efficiently and without worrying about chargebacks and fraudulent users. Save money on payment processing fees, remove credit risk, and get free trusted users with verified identity and personal data. Improve conversion with PlusID quick registration and login buttons.

Introducing new PlusCharging ⚡

PlusID is happy to introduce new PlusCharhing solution, which uses our PlusID identification and payment features to enable seamless and the smoothest electric car charging experience available.

This links to our upcoming PlusAuto service and portal, which can be used both by consumers and businesses to manage their vehicles, any charges, and drivers.

Process to take into use is simple: 1) add vehicle to your account, 2) identify with camera or QR code, 3) approve payment reservation, 4) charge.

Easy, convenient and fast. No app installation needed

Works with national and international customers. Works with other use cases and industries too!

See our short introduction video  (in Finnish, with English subtitles) and contact us for more details.

How to start.

Register an account

Add your phone number, choose password and define your secret PIN code

Verify your identity

Add Service Provider -account in your dashboard

Be a trusted service, trust your users.

Business users can create PlusID service provider account that allows receiving of payments, doing ID verification, requesting data and information and enabling quick login and registration buttons for their applications.

With PlusID, you can skip multiple steps in registration page in collecting, storing or verifying user data.

Making transactions with PlusID, removes the risk of fraudulent users and creates significant cost savings for businesses. With PlusID, your clients can use traditional payment methods along with Buy now, pay later (BNPL) option.

Please note that you can create Service Provider profile also for non-registered businesses, such as your brand or labeled group service managed by a trusted user (you).

Features for Businesses.

Safe wallet payments

PlusID Pay includes built-in bank-level security wallet system that allows you to receive payments with wallet transactions from users. The automated settlement processing provides you automated bank transfer to your traditional IBAN account. Forget chargebacks and fraudulent users – get trust-based transactions.

Buy now, pay later

PlusID Pay provides possibility for users to make instant purchases and pay them with our smart and interactive invoice – this is also called Buy now, pay later (BNPL) functionality. No credit risk for you! Users get zero interest time to pay for their purchases, collected from multiple (micro)transactions conveniently to single invoice.

Identify and get data

PlusID Data allows you to verify user identity and request for their personal and any other digital data – and fulfil KYC and AML. You can request data using tens of different data types. You can also request authorizations from the user for specific purpose or agreement. Each transaction is unique and explicitly approved.

Quick register and login

PlusID Connect is the fastest, easiest and safest way to register or login into any application. Using PlusID enables you instant (and FREE) ID verified users whose data has been verified. Easy and fast to integrate with our modern REST APIs or SDKs.

Bonuses and cashback

PlusID provides option to pay bonuses for your clients based on selected criteria or using your custom events. Users can use your bonuses only for your products/services, which means loyalty and returning buyer rate increases. Boost your conversions and sales!

Comply with GDPR & PSD2

PlusID enables secure and safe payments that have explicit transaction-specific strong authentication for all purchases which is fully PSD2 compliant. In addition, PlusID makes it easy to be fully GDPR compliant – no need to store personal data in your systems but instead request up-to-data when needed using PlusID token from the trusted user.

Compliant with following standards or methodologies:






Quick integration guide for developers

Getting started with development is fast. The integration is easy to do with our RESTful API that provides JSON payload for requests and utilizes the normal HTTP methods as communication. Start your integration now with our Integration Guide and API documentation that you can access by clicking the button below.

Book a meeting today and we explain it further.