This is the up-to-date pricing for PlusID service. 

The pricing table includes standard service fees and prices and may include information about the extra and optional services. However, please notice that not all extra features may be listed in the pricing table – please check the pricing of such service in the application.


For all new registrations in Finland, with online bank account in Finland, we provide 12 months for free!

Please note that not all campaigns may be visible here as they change time-to-time. 


For all verified students, the use of the service is 100% free all-the-time! Just create an account and add your student information, verify it, and we provide you an extra bonus of the full 1 year subscription – each year!

Receive Bonuses

Please remember that the more you use the service, the more you receive and get bonuses. With bonuses, you can earn free months and in practice can use the service for free 🙂

Pricing element



Opening fee


Service fee

0.99 eur / month

Please note that more you use the service, the more bonuses you receive which can be used for service fees.

Identification and data management


Including ID verification, data management, data requests and authorizations.

Wallet management


Including main, bonus and invoicing wallets as well as shared wallets.

Add credit to wallet

1.9 % / operation

Minimum fee 1,00 eur

Transfer credit


Pay with wallet credit


Pay for your purchases with service provider using your wallet credit saldo

Invoice management


Invoice handling fee

2.99 eur / invoice

Collect all your online purchases to one interactive invoice with one-time handling fee per invoice

Invoice extend due date

0.00 - 5.00 eur / operation

Additional services; depends on the selected option

Invoice due reminder fee

5.00 eur / reminder

Receive bonus


Receive cashback


The pricing is valid until further notice. We will inform you in advance, if any changes will be applied to your pricing.

Last updated: 7th of July, 2022.