Frequently asked questions.

PlusID® is a comprehensive service that allows safe and transparent transactions between PlusID users. It is the world’s first and only trust-based digital transactions platform.

In PlusID, we believe that increasing security and making any digital transactions safe is key in the connected world. PlusID makes it possible by enabling the trust for all interactions between the users. 

With PlusID you can make payments, buy with invoice, make ID verification, verify and share your data, gain bonuses and do secure messaging.

PlusID provides you a unique digital identity identifier, which you can use with multiple service providers globally.

PlusID works globally and is provided to you by PlusID Oy, a registered limited liability company in Finland.

All PlusID users go through strong ID verification during the registration process.

In addition, we will verify the data users provide, whether is personal or business data.

This means users can trust with whom they are interacting with. No fraudulent users. No scamming. Know where your money goes into and comes from or with whom you share data with and when.

Strong identification provides means to determine user authenticity and identity of the user.

PlusID provides multiple ways to identify yourself depending on the geographical area. Such methods include online bank authentication, passport, ID-card or other credible identification document that PlusID can rely into.

In order to do safe online transactions, it is recommended to have explicit and unique transaction-specific strong authentication for each payment. PlusID manages this for you and request payment approval for each purchase, authenticated with your personal device. This is also a PSD2 requirement, enforced for merchants in EU.

PlusID allows you to easily identify yourself and manage all your digital data in the convenient dashboard.

No need to install any new application to use PlusID, use it with any device at any time.

With PlusID, users can:

  • Receive global and unique digital identity identifier (“PlusID token”)
  • Verify identity
  • Manage personal data
  • Share data in controlled manner
  • Make payments
  • Buy with invoice
  • Collect all purchase into one convenient invoice
  • Do quick registration to any service
  • Login safely 


And many more features to come…

Note: Please notice that some features may not be available in all geographical areas.

Nope. PlusID does not require you to install another application on your mobile device.

You can use PlusID with any device but without need to install an application.

We will provide (under construction) an application for users who want to install it but this is completely up to you. 🙂

PlusID is a safe payments platform for specific industries and businesses. It is the world’s only trust-based digital transaction platform where trust is built-in and users can be trusted in both directions: the seller and the buyer, the sender and the receiver – trusted, identified, verified, transparent.

In addition, you control your payments with strong payment authentication, using our payment request approval flow and your personal device to authenticate any transaction.

PlusID is a bank-level secure platform, where your data is stored safely and securely. The data is encrypted in multiple-steps and is never shared to any external parties without your specific approval.

With PlusID you decide with whom you share the data and what data and when. You own your data. You decide how it is shared.

No. Absolutely Not. Never!

PlusID stores your data and keeps it safe. But your data is never shared to any external parties or to any other users without your explicit consent and approval.

You own your data and you choose what to share, when and with whom.

PlusID has a monthly subscription fee of 0.99€.

BUT… We provide special campaigns to sign-up for free and to get first months for free (e.g. 12 months for free*). Then, if you use the service, you receive bonuses and can use the service for free forever.

In addition, we aim to provide these monthly/annual bonuses for all users, forever.. This depends of course on our business model with service providers and with any extra services which help us to develop and maintain the platform economically.

Please check our Pricing page for more information.

Note: Please notice that special campaigns and pricing may differ depending on the geograhical areas and/or partner collaboration.

Nope. Once you open the PlusID account, it is open forever. Of course, terms and conditions apply so if you misbehave or try to abuse the platform, your account may be terminated for good.

We will soon provide you automated option in your dashboard to delete your account forever.

Until this feature is ready, you may contact us via the form or via support and request the deletion of the account.

Important: Please note this is a permanent operation and you will lose all your data and any linked transactions, interactions, documents, etc. completely.