Terms and Conditions

This is the up-to-date terms and conditions for the PlusID service. The terms is valid until further notice. Please come back here to revise and read the latest terms and conditions from time-to-time. We will also inform our registered users, in case terms and conditions change significantly.

Last updated: 7th of July, 2022.

PlusID Terms and Conditions

Official terms and conditions will be provided in Finnish. For your convenience, we have provided a translation but please bear in mind that this is provided only as a non-binding translation for the terms and conditions.


PlusID Terms of Use


These terms and conditions apply to your use of the PlusID service. By using PlusID, you accept these terms and conditions. The terms of use are part of the general terms of use of the PlusID service. The Service Provider has the right to unilaterally change these terms of use. Up-to-date terms are always available at plusidapp.com/terms. We encourage you to review the Terms of Use regularly for any updates.

The PlusID service is provided by PlusID Oy (3256194-5) (the ‚ÄúService Provider‚ÄĚ).


Purpose of the service

The purpose of the PlusID service is to enable intra-community transactions between trusted users. The service includes the ability for trusted users in the community to manage their own personal information, as well as the ability to pay for products or services from trusted community services.

The user can submit the desired personal data to the PlusID service for storage.¬†The user manages the personal data stored by him, as well as the related usage history through the service.¬†With the user’s consent, the user may disclose the stored data to other parties belonging to the PlusID community.¬†Personal information stored by the user will not be used for any other purpose or shared with other members of the community without the user’s consent.¬†The user owns all the data stored on the service.

Through the PlusID service, the user can pay for products and services purchased from the trusted transaction services of the PlusID community. Some payment-related features are limited to intra-group purchases, such as ticket sales and comparable products or services. In addition, the PlusID payment service offers the option to purchase on an invoice.

The features related to the payment of the PlusID service may be subject to restrictions due to the user, transaction service, product, payment, location or other restriction.¬†All payment and purchase transactions are recorded in the user’s own billing wallet.

The user has the option to purchase credit in advance for later use for payment transactions executed electronically via the PlusID service for the purchase of travel, parking or admission tickets or other similar tickets, as well as for the purchase of digital content or voice-based services. The maximum number of one-time purchases and / or the total maximum number of purchases per month per user may be limited by the service provider.


Terms of use for PlusID

A PlusID user must be at least 13 years old. Minors may use the PlusID service with limited rights. Some features of the PlusID service can only be implemented with the permission and supervision of a guardian, or with authorization.

The implementation of the PlusID service requires strong electronic identification of the user, which takes place using the authentication and identification methods defined by the PlusID service. These methods may vary from market to market. The use of the PlusID service requires the unique and reliable identification of each user.

PlusID is for personal use only and you may not share it with others. The user is responsible for the careful and secure use of his / her own PlusID user account.

PlusID may only be used for lawful purposes. The user is responsible for all operations and use of his PlusID user account.


Strong identification

Strong authentication is a prerequisite for using the PlusID service.¬†The user must perform strong electronic authentication using authentication and identification methods defined by the PlusID service, which may vary from market to market.¬†Strong authentication verifies the user’s identity.¬†A strongly identified user becomes part of the PlusID community as a trusted user.

After strong authentication, the user can store their personal information in the PlusID service, accept data request queries, use the features related to the payment of the service and accept payment transactions, as well as use the billing service combined with payment and purchase.

The PlusID service is billed retrospectively, so strong authentication is necessary to reliably verify the user‚Äôs identity.¬†Strong identification also responds to the obligations set out in the Act on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.¬†If necessary, the user’s credit information can be checked using a personal identification number.


PlusID community

The user of the service is part of the PlusID community. Joining the PlusID community requires strong authentication.

The user may choose to share his or her information with other members of the PlusID community, for example, to log in to the transaction services of other users in the community.

The PlusID service can use the services of a third party party integrated into the system. These services form part of the service as a whole. The user agrees to the use of these services as part of the desired activity.



The user may be offered, subject to applicable restrictions, the opportunity to purchase the products or services provided by the Transaction Services using the Service Provider’s PlusID service¬†.¬†In this case, the User places a binding order (‚ÄúOrder‚ÄĚ) for the product or service in question on the terms and conditions presented to the User by or transmitted by the Transaction Service.

Upon receipt of the User Order, the Service Provider forwards the payment confirmation request to the User, which he confirms with his personal PlusID account. After the User confirms the Order, a binding Purchase Agreement is created.

In addition to creating a Purchase Agreement between the Transaction Service and the User in connection with the purchase of products or services, a binding agreement is created between the Service Provider and the User in connection with the payment of purchases of products or services ordered through the User’s Service Provider.¬†[AR1][MV2]

The transaction service produces and delivers to the User the products ordered by the User and the related receipt. The Service Provider is not responsible to the User for whether the Assignment Service fulfills its obligations under the Purchase Agreement as agreed.

If the User wishes to cancel his Order, he must contact the Transaction Service directly.



The User pays the price specified in the Order using the available payment method selected by the Service Provider in the PlusID service.¬†The Service Provider collects all payments from the User on behalf of the Transaction Service.¬†The user’s payment obligation to the PlusID service arises in connection with the confirmation of the Order of the purchase transaction.

The user can only fulfill his payment obligations using the payment methods available in the PlusID service. Once the User has paid the Order receivable to the Service Provider, the User has fulfilled its payment obligation.

The service provider uses an external payment service provider to process payments.

Users can earn bonuses on PlusID that can be used to pay. Bonuses can be earned and accumulated, for example, provided by the Service Provider or the Transaction Service. The service provider decides on the conditions for granting, using and validity of bonuses. Bonuses are not directly convertible to cash.


Billing and financing

The user may also be offered, subject to applicable restrictions, the opportunity to purchase the products or services provided by the Transaction Services by invoice, financing or a combination thereof. In this case, the possibility to purchase with an invoice is offered to the User in connection with the purchase or in connection with the choice of payment method.

Based on these terms and conditions, the User agrees that the Service Provider has the right to check the User’s creditworthiness and make any other verifications, as part of the provision or implementation of billing or financing services.

Billing and financing functionality may be restricted geographically, based on User payment history, User profile information, and other business reasons.

The user is offered the opportunity to choose the primary method of sending the invoice, but the Service Provider has the right to send the invoice by other sending methods as well. Methods for sending an invoice include e-mail, text message (SMS) and WhatsApp message.

Invoices can be sent either for specific time periods or based on specific time quantities, or based on the billing accumulation of purchase transactions. The use of billing and financial services may include costs in accordance with the valid price list.


Termination of Service

The user can stop using the service at any time.¬†The user can give notice of termination of the service from their own PlusID user interface or by sending a written notice to PlusID customer service.¬†At this stage, the user is asked for the PlusID service’s own information request query, which verifies the user’s identity and the veracity of the notice of termination.

The notice period is 30 days. Any pre-purchased credits will not be credited back to the user in cash. The User must use the Credits within the notice period or transfer them to another user.



The price of the service and the fees charged for its use are based on the price list in force at the time. The Service Provider reserves the right to change its prices by notifying in writing one week before the change.

The service provider may terminate the user’s use of the service if the user does not make payments by the due date.¬†The service provider may also charge the user interest for late payment in accordance with the Interest Act, collection costs and legal costs.¬†It is also possible for the service provider to require the user to pay the costs of reopening the service if the service provider considers that the service can be reopened.

The pricing of the PlusID service may differ depending on the market and service.¬†The pricing of the service mainly consists of PlusID usage fees, transaction-specific processing fees and various types of transaction fees.¬†The price list of the service is available electronically on the PlusID website or in the user’s own PlusID user interface.¬†The user is obliged to check the prices of the services or functions he uses before the¬†use of a service or function.


User responsibility

The user undertakes to operate in the PlusID service and in the community in accordance with good practice, objectively and taking into account other users of the service as well as members of the community.¬†The user is responsible for not using the service in a manner that violates good manners or the rights of third parties.¬†Also, the user’s actions must not unduly interfere with or burden the service, threaten data security or protection, or otherwise harm the users of the service or third parties.

The user undertakes that the information stored in the PlusID service is correct and accurate. The user is responsible for keeping the information up to date.

The user is responsible for the careful storage of the user name, password, PIN code or other identification information received in the service and for ensuring that the above-mentioned identification information is not shared or otherwise disclosed to third parties.¬†The user is responsible for all actions performed under his username in the service.¬†The user must immediately notify the service provider of the use of the user’s identification data by a third party.

The user is responsible for the use of PlusID and the possible harm caused to others by the PlusID service and the community, as well as for the activities of third parties that may be used in the use of the service.


Liability of the service provider

In all its activities, the service provider complies with the requirements of data protection legislation.¬†The user has the right at any time to have access to his data or to request to be forgotten.¬†For more information about your service provider’s privacy policies, see the ‚ÄúPlusID Privacy Policy‚ÄĚ document associated with the General Terms and Conditions.¬†While the service provider strives to do its best to protect users ‚Äôdata, the user understands and accepts that web-based data transmission can never be completely private or secure.

The service provider strives to rectify faults in the service as soon as possible in accordance with the best effort principle.¬†If installation, modification or maintenance measures so require, the use of the service may be suspended for a reasonable period of time.¬†The Service Provider shall be liable for indirect damages caused by its negligence, which are causally related to the procedure contrary to the Service Provider’s law or contract, and which have been reasonably foreseeable by the Service Provider.¬†The liability of the service provider is limited to a maximum of 50 euros.

The Service Provider shall not indemnify for any indirect or consequential damages resulting from the destruction, loss or alteration of the other party‚Äôs data or files.¬†For example, loss of income is considered indirect damage.¬†The user is obliged to take reasonable measures to limit the damage.¬†Failure to do so will result in the user’s liability.

The Service Provider shall not be liable for any delay or damage caused by an obstacle beyond the Service Provider’s control which the Service Provider cannot reasonably be expected to have taken into account at the time of the conclusion of the Contract and the consequences of which the Service Provider could not reasonably have avoided or overcome.¬†Such force majeure situations include, but are not limited to, government action, disruption of public or payment traffic, strikes, problems with third party equipment or technical devices, errors, outages or breaches of data, and other similar illegal activities by third parties.

The service provider has the right to change the features of the service or restrict their availability at any time.¬†If the service provider detects any abuse or violation of the general terms of use of the service or other reasons related to business reasons, the service provider has the right to close the user’s PlusID account or change or restrict the user’s activities at any time without notice.


Intellectual property rights

The Service Provider reserves all intellectual property rights to the service, system, its features, functionalities and changes to the related technology, agreements and documents to which the user has access. The user of the service does not have the right to commercially exploit or resell the service. The user of the service is not granted any right to use the software behind the service (source code or other similar service documentation or material).

PlusID is a registered trademark.


Place of jurisdiction and applicable law

Finnish law applies to the service and its terms. Any disagreements will be resolved by mutual negotiations between the parties and, if no agreement is reached in the negotiations, in the Helsinki District Court.