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With your PlusID account you can easily manage all your personal data and your online identity. The data is safe and you decide who to share it with. Use PlusID wallets to pay for any online purchases with our trusted service providers – secure, transparent, trustworthy.

How to start.

Register an account

Add your phone number, choose password and define your secret PIN code

Verify your identity

Pay with wallet

Use wallet to pay for any online purchases. Share a wallet with your family or friends and shop together. Create unlimited amount of wallets. Receive bonuses.

Buy now, pay later

Use PlusID invoicing to purchase a product now and pay later without any interest. Collect all your online purchase into one interactive invoice.

Share with trust

Manage, store and share your personal data – you choose what to share, when and with whom. Stay in control of online data sharing and your authorizations. Safe and transparent!

Login or register

You can use your PlusID account to connect with any online application. Cut the queues and use quick registration to services or safe login to the application with PlusID authentication.

Stay safe with your digital transactions - Pay with PlusID, get bonuses, identify and be trusted.