One ID to enable trust-based payments. Use safely, use anywhere.

With PlusID® you can safely and securely do shopping, earn bonuses, share a wallet and decide with whom you share your data – all with one click. PlusID is the first trust-based payments solution that is safe and secure to use.

With your PlusID account you can easily manage the data and your online identity. Both for private and for business use. Collect your online purchases to your own wallet and pay when convenient.

Pay easily

Easily pay for your online (or physical) purchases using your PlusID wallet. Choose how you want to pay from multiple options

Manage data

Safeguard your digital identity and manage your data with PlusID. Decide when to share your data and with whom. Share only with trusted parties! 

Get rewarded

Earn bonuses while spending. Get rewards while using the PlusID and use these with our service providers. All available in your wallet.

Share a wallet

Share a wallet with your family, friends or co-workers. Add a credit or use pay later feature. Manage authorizations easily in your dashboard.

Trusted both-ways

Be a trusted user and trust other users. Validate your data and choose what data to share – 2-way trust in interactions made easy.

Introducing new PlusCharging ⚡

PlusID is happy to introduce new PlusCharhing solution, which uses our PlusID identification and payment features to enable seamless and the smoothest electric car charging experience available.

This links to our upcoming PlusAuto service and portal, which can be used both by consumers and businesses to manage their vehicles, any charges, and drivers.

Process to take into use is simple: 1) add vehicle to your account, 2) identify with camera or QR code, 3) approve payment reservation, 4) charge.

Easy, convenient and fast. No app installation needed

Works with national and international customers. Works with other use cases and industries too!

See our short introduction video  (in Finnish – see here for English subtitles) and contact us for more details.

Makes all digital interaction easy and in your control.

– With PlusID you can reach up to 87% trusted users of over 16 years old in Finland

– In Europe, you can reach over 430 Million trusted users via PlusID

– PlusID is available for 35,000 service providers in Finland and for over 800,000 service providers in Europe

How to start.

Register an account

Add your phone number, choose password and set your PIN code

Verify your identity

Trusted Users. Trusted Services

PlusID enables trust. It is the safest payment solution in the market with multi-way identification and verification as a trust-based payments solution. Whether you are private or business, the PlusID provides you safe way to interact and do transactions with the other user. Pay and share your data with trust!

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