PlusID® is more than ID

With a PlusID account, you choose what data to share. You own your data.

Do quick registration, safe login or secure payments with any of our trusted service providers in the PlusID community.

Be trusted, be safe.

With PlusID you can reach upto 87% trusted users of over 16 years old in Finland

In Europe, you can reach over 430 Million trusted users via PlusID

PlusID is available for 35,000 service providers in Finland and for over 800,000 service providers in Europe

Trusted Users. Trusted Services

PlusID is a community where each user, whether an individual, business or service provider, is always fully authenticated and therefore a known user. Share and pay with trust!

Safety Matters

Safety first! The system has been designed and built with the ‘Safety first’ approach to ensure that your personal data, your transactions, are safe and secure in our system.

We use bank-level IT and application security methods and industry techniques to safeguard your data.

With PlusID, your data is safe.

GDPR Compliant

Fully GDPR compliant system. Your personal data is secured and you can remove or export it at any point. Revoke access of your data from any service provider at any time.

Encrypted Data Storage

Data is stored in isolated and encrypted media with application-level transparent data encryption-decryption in place. The multi-level encryption adds extra layer of security to your data.

How to start?

Register an account

Add your mobile phone, choose password and define your secret PIN code

Verify your identity


Learn how the system works, what benefits it provides to you and how to get started easily?

Compliant with following standards:

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