A service platform for multi-channel and trustworthy digital transactions.

PlusID is a platform that allows businesses to receive payments cost-efficiently and without worrying about chargebacks and fraudulent users. Save money on payment processing fees, remove credit risk, and get free trusted users with verified identification and data. Improve conversion with PlusID quick registration and login buttons.

How to start.

Register an account

Add your phone number, choose password and define your secret PIN code

Verify your identity

Add Service Provider -account in your dashboard

Be trusted service, trust your users.

PlusID for Service Providers providers a community of trusted users with an easy and quick registration. The data needed for registration is already provided, verified, and there is no need to store them in your own system.

PlusID Invoicing and Pay features provide clear cost savings from the traditional payment fees and it user loyalty benefits with bonuses and cashback options. The PlusID user can easily pay the products and services using the flexible PlusID invoice solution.

Please note that you can create Service Provider profile also for non-registered businesses, such as your brand or labeled group service that you want to use our service within.

Features for Service Provider.

01 Connect

PlusID Connect is the fastest, easiest and safest way to register or login into any application. You control your data in the PlusID dashboard and choose what data will be shared during the registration. Easy and transparent!

02 Data

PlusID Data allows you easily manage your personal data, store it safely and choose when and with whom you want to share it with? Track data sharing, manage data sharing permissions, and verify multiple types of data in one easy-to-use PlusID dashboard.

03 Invoicing

PlusID Invoicing makes the shopping easy – buy now, pay later. PlusID Invoicing allows you to make instant purchases in online application and collects all your purchases into one invoice with flexbile payment terms. Manage your invoices and purchases in your personal dashboard.

04 Pay

PlusID Pay allows you to pay easily and safely using your own personal PlusID wallet. Each payment is secured with PSD2 strong authentication. The wallet is integrated with multiple different payment methods. Receive bonuses and cashback from your purchases.

05 Bonuses

PlusID includes integrated bonus payment feature that allows Service Provider to reward their users with different type of bonuses. Bonuses can be used only with their own purchases (Service Provider specific). Boost your returning user conversion!

06 Cashback

PlusID includes integrated cashback payment feature that allows Service Provider to reward their users with purchase cashback. This differs from bonuses as cashback can be used in generic way within PlusID community as a credit for future purchases.

07 GDPR compliant

PlusID allows Service Provider to became fully GDPR compliant in an easy and safe way. PlusID enables Service Provider with minimal data storing in their system and instead get up-to-date personal data using PlusID token from the trusted user.

08 PSD2 compliant

PlusID enable secure and safe payments that have explicit transaction-specific strong authentication for all purchases. PlusID service will handle the necessary payment request approvals for you conveniently.

Compliant with following standards or methodologies:






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