Introducing universal CryptoID: Super-Fast User Registration with Strong Authentication.

Boost Trust, Enhance Security, Improve Conversion up to 50%, and Save Costs.

CryptoID is a white-labeled product specifically designed for crypto currency applications, such as exchanges, casinos and other crypto apps.

CryptoID provides an easy and cost effective way to onboard new users with better conversion and user experience. Less work for the end user, more value for business. With CryptoID pseudonymized ID token, businesses can connect the user between different services and link with partner companies (such as affiliate partners), ensuring regulatory compliant data sharing but still keep the user anonymous. CryptoID is a cutting-edge user identification and data sharing solution that enables businesses to improve sales, build trust, ensure data accuracy, and reduce operational costs.  CryptoID is powered by PlusID.


Improved Conversion

- Faster user onboarding
- No extra steps
- Improved user experience

Increase Trust

- Enhanced security
- Two-way trust
- Pseudonymized users

Save Costs

- Reduced manual verification
- Extended affiliate opportunities
- No fraudulent users

Better User Engagement

- Secure messaging
- Loyalty with bonuses
- Simplified compliance

How To Take It Into Use?

CryptoID is very easy and fast to take into use. It can be easily integrated with your existing systems through our modern REST API, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free implementation process. Just create a Personal account with PlusID, then register your Service Provider profile, and just start using it. No app is required from the end user. CryptoID can be added to any crypto currency application.

User Identification

- Strong ID verification
- Support over 200 countries
- AML/PEP verification
- Works with all crypto apps

Data Requests

- Data is pre-verified
- GDPR & CCPA compliance
- User consent management
- 2-factor authentication

One-Step Onboarding

- Seamless user registration
- Pseudonymized IDs
- No fraudulent users
- With quick login button


– No signup fees

– No monthly fees

– Pay per transaction:

          – 0,95€ / user identification

          – 0,95€ / AML/PEP verification (if used)

          – 0,07€ / login with “Login with CryptoID” (if using Connect feature)

          – 0,15€ / message delivered

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MicroTaskID is a brand of PlusID and it is a member of PlusID products family