Introducing RechargeID: Simplifying Electric Charging for Everyone

Creates seamless e-vehicle charging system with fluent and unified registration, identification, charging and payment process.

RechargeID simplifies

RechargeID simplifies electric vehicle charging by consolidating identification and payment across networks, using a user- or vehicle-specific digital wallet to manage payment methods, vehicles, and authorizations. No separate application download is required, as it’s browser-based, and activation can be done via the website or at the charging station using QR code, station/meter identifier, or an existing app.

Charging events are confirmed with a separate message, verified using a personal PIN code. The charging initiation process starts when the charger reads the meter’s QR code, enters the station’s meter identifier from an external app, or the license plate is recognized by a camera.

Adopting RechargeID is beneficial for businesses and organizations, as it offers consolidated billing for improved fleet management and user authorization. Implementing RechargeID attracts high-volume customers to your station. RechargeID is powered by PlusID.



Enhanced Efficiency

- Two-way digital wallets for seamless refunds and billing
- Consolidated invoices option to streamline payments
- Reduced payment transaction costs for cost savings

Improved User Engagement

- Bonus programs and affiliate networking opportunities
- Unified user experience across platforms
- Personalized and convenient payment options

Robust Security and Compliance

- Strong ID verification to ensure user safety
- Compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and PSD2 regulations
- User consent management for data protection

Simplified Onboarding and Activation

- Seamless, unified user registration process
- No app required, improving conversion rates
- Flexible activation options for diverse users

How To Take It Into Use?

RechargeID offers a quick and straightforward setup process.  Easily integrate it with your current systems using our cutting-edge REST API for a seamless, hassle-free implementation. Simply create a Personal account with PlusID, register your Service Provider profile, and begin using the service. RechargeID can be incorporated into charging operators’ applications or websites easily and fast, but it also allows a fully customized experience without any app development.


– No signup fees

– No monthly fees

– Pay per transaction:

    – 0,8% / payment transaction (min. 0,01e)

    – 9,95e/automatic settlement transaction (monthly)

User Identification

- Strong ID verification
- Support over 200 countries
- Universal compatibility

Data Requests

- PSD2-compliance
- GDPR & CCPA compliance
- User consent management

Easy onboarding

- Seamless and unified user registration
- Improved conversion, no app required
- Flexible activation options

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RechargeID is a brand of PlusID and it is a member of PlusID products family.