TrustDeal: Secure Your Transactions

Boost trust & safety in online deals with seamless identity verification and consent confirmation.

TrustDeal, a white-labeled solution by PlusID, empowers telemarketing and web-platform companies to establish a strong trust between users engaged in online shopping and trading.

By providing easy and cost-effective identification and explicit consent confirmation, TrustDeal minimizes fraudulent transactions, fake profiles, and disputes. GDPR-compliant and designed for both businesses and private users, TrustDeal offers a simple and secure way to enhance trust in your platform.


Increased Trust

· Build user confidence
· Attract more customers
· Drive higher sales

Enhanced Security

· Minimize fraud risk
· Protect users’ privacy
· Improve platform reputation

Easy & Efficient

· One-click verification process
· Quick integration with your systems
· Streamlined user experience

How To Take It Into Use?

TrustDeal is incredibly easy and quick to adopt. It can be effortlessly integrated with your existing systems via our modern REST API, guaranteeing a smooth and hassle-free
implementation process. Simply create a Personal account with PlusID, register your Service Provider profile, and start using TrustDeal to secure your transactions.

Strong ID Verification

· Verify personal or business data
· Reduce fake profiles
· Enhance platform security

Explicit Consent Confirmation

· Obtain clear agreement on terms
· Minimize disputes and errors
· Improve customer satisfaction

GDPR-Compliant & White-Labeled

· No personal data recorded
· Easily integrate with your platform
· Maintain your brand identity


· No signup fee

· No monthly fee

· Pay per transaction: 0.95€ per verification

Contact us

TrustDeal is a brand of PlusID and it is a member of the PlusID products family. Feel free to reach out for more information or support.