Creates trust and transparency between parties in a digital environment.

WorkPassID is a white-labeled product specifically designed for web-platform companies to create strong trust between partners.

WorkPassID users can be business and private persons. WorkPassID provides an easy and cost-effective way to identify other parties and fulfill the legislation requirements to confirm business transactions. WorkPassID is GDPR-compliant, and parties do not have to record any personal data.

WorkPassID is powered by PlusID.


Enhanced Environment

· Increased two-way trust
· Increased sales
· Reduced reputational risks for platforms providers, no fake-IDs and profiles.

Cost Savings

· Reduced loss and costs from illegal and fraudulent acts
· Reduced need for manual checks and audits
· Safer and transparent environment create efficiency and standards.

Better User Engagement

· Stronger trust to the employee’s verified skill set and data
· Pre-registration and pre-verified qualifications
· History information available for renewed work tasks

How To Take It Into Use?

WorkPassID is incredibly easy and quick to adopt. It can be effortlessly integrated with your existing systems via our modern REST API, guaranteeing a smooth and hassle-free implementation process. Simply create a Personal account with PlusID, register your Service Provider profile, and begin using it. User can request other party to make WorkPassID identification.

User Identification

· Strong ID verification
· Support over 200 countries
· No app required from users


· Easy to create and perform
· Simple-to-use dashboard
· Award rewards and bonuses

One-Step Onboarding

· Seamless user registration
· GDPR & CCPA compliance
· Pseudonymized messaging


· No signup fees

· No monthly fees

· Pay per transaction:

        · 0,95e / WorkPassID data request

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WorkPassID is a brand of PlusID and it is a member of PlusID products family.